Stress-Free Outdoor Holiday Decor

Holiday decorating is in full effect and outdoor décor displays are becoming more elaborate and beautiful as the years go on. Gone are the days where you can put out your plastic light up Santa and say ‘Merry Christmas’ – or you can but that Santa better be encrusted in 14 karat gold. Kidding aside, the holidays are supposed to be about celebrating and although many of us want to wow our neighbors with pretty designs, it’s not worth stressing over. Here are three simple decoration options that will leave a statement and won’t break the bank.

Bring to life your planters with holiday colors and festive greenery.


Add something to either side of your front door.


A great wreath will always make a statement.

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Happy September

Happy September! We can’t believe summer is coming to a close but on a happier note, autumn means great weather conditions for construction. We have been busy closing out the summer in Gloucester on our custom home build. We had the pleasure of experiencing something new building this one – the home owners asked us to put holy water in the foundation of the house to bless it. A full bottle of holy water is embedded into the concrete. It was a new and cool experience for ESDC because we had never been asked something like that before. For them, the house will not only be beautiful but forever blessed with good vibes.

In other news, we have been having fun for the past month with our new ESDC t-shirts. It has been something we have been thinking about for a while now and to see them come to life and have people wearing them is great.








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3 Ways To Refresh Your Home

It’s not news that our homes (much like ourselves) sometimes need a little updating. We all feel it once in a while; the need for a refresh. What most don’t realize is this can be done without drastically changing your home. Our moods and how we feel are often determined by the space we are living in so why not spruce it up a bit?

One of the easiest ways to give your home a new look is with a fresh coat of paint. You’d be surprised how different a new color on the walls will make your space feel. It can transform the look from A to Z. When deciding on the color, don’t stray too far from colors you love – you’ll be living in the space every day. There are different variations of painting too. If you don’t want to paint all the walls in the room, choose one and make it a focal point. Or try out a different design like horizontal lines.


Image from Benjamin Moore



Image from Benjamin Moore


Pillow covers are one of the most underestimated décor accessories. If your room is looking a bit drab and needs just a little something, pillow covers are your ticket.  If you really love the covers you have, switch them out temporarily and bring them back after a while. Covers are an easy way to experiment too. You can bring a bold color or abstract design into the room without it being too overpowering.


Imagine from West Elm


Imagine from West Elm

A good gallery wall can spruce up any space and make it feel improved. It’s usually the focus of the room and if you frame engaging photos, paintings and mementos it can be an easy conversation starter. No matter how big or small the wall is there is a way to make it interesting. It’s also relatively simple to do if you want a small project to take on; it’s just a matter of hanging things on a wall.


Imagine from Pottery Barn


Imagine from Pottery Barn

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ESDC Web Site is Live!

Exciting times for ESDC, our web site has officially launched. It has been a long time coming but now that it’s here we couldn’t be more pleased. We worked with Ryan Conway of Conway East who really honed in on our vision and brought to life all that we wanted in the ESDC web site. We wanted it to not only be a platform for potential clients to see previous work we’ve done but also be a place to come and get to know us a little better. For us it’s not just about a job and building houses. We live, eat and breathe this industry. From the foundations of how to build a house to the design that goes into creating something unique, we just can’t get enough. This is our passion and we want you to enjoy it as well.


We have just wrapped up our newest build in West Newbury with beautiful views of the Merrimac River. What a transition it has made after starting in the middle of January with all that snow. We got lucky because Mother Nature didn’t hold us up too much. This particular lot pre-sold and it was a real pleasure working with the buyers to build their dream home. They had a clear vision of what they wanted and when it came to decisions of design they had exceptional taste. It’s always bittersweet when a project comes to end; we’re happy to move on and let a family move in and create a home but it’s always a little strange to not be on that site anymore.


In the upcoming months ESDC is starting a lot of new projects. We’re starting a custom home build in Gloucester which we are really looking forward to. And we’re breaking ground within the next few weeks in West Newbury next to the lot we just finished up on.

Check back on this site for updates and news. We’re looking forward to sharing more of who we are and we hope you are just as excited as us!


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