Building Your Dream Home On Your Own Lot

When building a new home, the process will be different for every client, no one project is the same. We sit down with you right from the beginning to create a building plan that works for you. This is where you tell us what you want and where we hash out how we’re going to make it happen. We take customer service very seriously at Eastern Shore Design & Construction and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver.

Our Home Building Process

Pre-Construction Services


We spend time getting to know you and your lifestyle so we can better understand what you are looking for in your dream home.

Site Visit

The site visit is an important step because it allows us to learn more about your vision for your custom home.


Whether you have your own building plan, need a plan customized or want advice choosing a plan, we can help. We can determine what makes sense for a new home on your lot. Building design and home orientation can be crucial to the success of a project.


Price can be the single biggest factor when choosing to build a new high-end home. We can work with you to set a realistic budget for your construction project.


Schedules can fluctuate depending on the scope of your project. Once we have determined exactly what your new custom home is going to look like we can set a schedule and deliver your dream home right on time.

Form Work


List of Construction activites

  1. Lot clearing
  2. Excavation
  3. Footings and Foundation
  4. Framing
  5. Roofing
  6. Siding
  7. Plumbing
  8. Mechanical
  9. Electrical
  10. Insulation
  11. Drywall
  12. Interior trim
  13. Painting
  14. Flooring
  15. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities
  16. Finish MEP
  17. Punchlist
  18. Close out

wood framing, carpentry, headers



The construction of your new home may be coming to a close but that does not mean our relationship is over. We want you to be comfortable in your new home and to know that we are not going anywhere. We are just a phone call away.

Farmer's porch, gables, new construction



One year warranty on all new homes